Funny stories and jokes written by Konstantin



First words of a professor in a course on literature:

"You will break like the surf of the ocean on the monolith that is the material of this course."

After a short pause and horrified looks of students, we was kind enough to cite the source of that quote…



Before an exam, a student asks the professor: "Anything we can do to make this easier?"

The reply "You can pray, and see if that helps you solve the question that asks you to prove whether praying and failing the exam are independent/dependent events."



There are situation when everything stays the same except for one factor. One such situation is when there was an advertisement for a volunteer position as a course counselor. At the beginning for summer it was in a stern tone saying “Only the best candidates will be considered” with strong academic records etc. By mid-summer “everyone was encouraged to apply”. Finally a week before the start of classes the e-mails were addressed by name and the position was offered to anyone who would choose to accept it. It seems urgency does matter in this world…



There are questions to which there is only one answer. Nevertheless people insist on asking. Just the other day at work, my manager asked me (a summer student), whether I’ve been working hard. I tell him ‘Yes, of course I have.’ This is in fact true, as I have been working hard. But some answers did come to mind like ‘No, I’ve been slacking and as a matter of fact I’ve gone through the trouble of setting my screen's background to an open spreadsheet window, to minimize the time it takes for me to pretend to be doing something.’ Which would probably not been entirely understood or the ‘humor’ appreciated. In fact to say anything else would have had some interesting consequences.



How do you learn about offshore finance?

Trial and error, trial and error, mostly trials though…



Sunk Cost (economics term denoting unrecoverable expenses):

After an economics exam a friend and I are discussing some of the questions on the test. During the discussion it becomes apparent that the questions were somewhat harder than anticipated (especially a devious question about sunk cost) and the marks might not be as high as predicted. This causes some anxiety to my friend, which is voiced by him. I reply ‘Well, it’s a sunk cost really, doesn’t have an effect to consider it now.’ To which was replied ‘I can see why you’re not worried.’