6 May, 2013

Issue No. 5


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This issue presents reviews of the same book, "Heart of darkness" by Joseph Conrad, written independently by myself and my son Konstantin. Although we did have some previous discussions about the book, before deciding writing reviews, by and large, reviews were written independently. As a reader, I value Konstantin's essay very highly. Personally, I learned from it many things, which helped me to better understand human nature and phenomenon of civilization and its fragility.



Konstantin Shestopaloff

Essay on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

 Civilization vs. the Heart of Darkness



Yu. K. Shestopaloff

Review. "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad.

Mankind portrait and fragility of civilization




"Economic motives in history determine the course pursued by a nation more frequently than do
factors of political belief or affinity, or even blood relationships."


                                    John A. Crow, "The Epic of Latin America"



B. Tsvetkov

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